About me

I’m Natasha Aksenova, I help people become better with their presentations and public speaking, and today I look forward to sharing a bit of my expertise with you.
  Coming from sales and marketing background, I’ve spent 14 years of presenting and speaking in a professional business environment, so all my insights come from my personal experience. They are all no ­fluff, they have all worked for me, and I am confident they will work for you.

They are also based on up­-to­-date research data on how the brain works (something I’m also passionate about!), so this combination of my years of practical expertise backed up by a bit of science can help you develop your public speaking and confidence and get better results.

I am also a published author and a public speaking trainer.

For more great stuff, check out my blog and my Facebook page!

“I had the pleasure of working with Natasha on a number of international projects. I was particularly impressed by her ability to overcome the toughest challenges, especially when it comes to bridging cultural differences and ultimately making projects work. That, combined with a positive personality and a “can-do” attitude to work and life, makes her a great professional to work with”.


Nikolay Prudnikov

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