Public speaking: talent or skill?


Is public-speaking a talent or a skill?



2 thoughts on “Public speaking: talent or skill?

  1. Paul Hornsey-pennell says:

    when i went to do my first public speaking in front of a small group of 40, as i was being introduced i ran out of the room to throw up.

    i returned the second week … having given assurances that i would stay the course … as i was being introduced … the same thing happened ….

    i returned the 3rd week and this time i told myself that even if it meant i was going to throw up in front of everyone, i was going to stand up and talk …. a couple of years later, i was talking in front of 2,000 people with no problem.

    interestingly i stopped for about 5 years and last year began again … before i went up on stage, i felt the same thing … so took myself off to the toilet and allowed myself to be sick … i observed all the excuses going on in my head about how i could get out of it .. food poisoning etc .. and then went back into the room and had a phenomenal day …

    so, this is the aspect of getting up in front of people …which may or may not be what you mean. if you are talking about the art of delivery then that is something that can be constructed.

    as with all things, if it is something that you have a sense that you really want to do, then you will be willing to step through the baptism of fire!


  2. Natasha Aksenova, Intercultural Expert says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience Paul! I remember I was once so overcome with emotions (it wasn’t to do with public-speaking, it was to do with me applying for a UK visa:)) that it actually made me sick!
    Interestingly what you are describing has nothing to do with your public-speaking skills that you’d mastered by that time, it’s about getting up in front of people and harnessing your emotions. In a way, coping with nerves is a separate skill per se one should master.
    What do you think?


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