What is the hottest public-speaking trend?


I recently stumbled upon this great article on the hottest public-speaking trends.

“Forget about the word, this is the era of the image. Since about 2007, we’ve lived in a blogger’s paradise, where a blog was defined as a written piece. Now, we’re in the middle of moving to a visual world”.

While this article lists quite a few public speaking trends, this line about the importance of an image resonated with me the most!

According to scientific studies, images interact with multiple parts of the audience’s brain, whereas text and words affect only one.

Social media are image-centred, and posts with pictures drive much more engagement than those without ones. Sharing images on Twitter increases retweets by a whopping 150%, and images on LinkedIn get 98% more comments than posts without ones.

Presentations-wise, a slide with an image goes a long way towards connecting you with your audience and telling them your story, something a slide ridden with text or bullet points could never do!

So for me an image is king of engagement.

Do you use images in public speaking and presentations?



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