Doing business in the UK and Russia

Doing business successfully across cultures is challenging, if not to say downright difficult. A research by Bennett, Aston, & Colquhoun found that 40% of expatriates return home “because of failure to adapt to differing local values and norms of behaviour”. Just think about it: that’s almost half of all assignments!

When it comes to doing business abroad from the perspective of a foreigner, there are so many things that could possibly go wrong. Everything is different: the way you negotiate and persuade, the approach to workflow, time and deadlines, the system of values and beliefs, the view on power and leadership, even the body language.

The differences might even seem a bit shocking, and without practical knowledge one might feel helpless and disorientated.

My name is Natasha Aksenova, I am an experienced intercultural specialist living in the UK. I provide talks, workshops and sessions to international businesses and individuals on doing business in the UK and in Russia from the communications point of view. I have been delivering talks and sessions on various intercultural topics for the last 10 years. I am also a “cultural correspondent”, with a number of published articles on Russia, its core cultural values, intercultural differences and how to bridge them.

This is my story:

I have been exposed to different cultures, studies and work-wise, for the last 16 years, having lived and worked in Russia, the US and Germany, and I have lived in the UK full-time for the last 5 years.

I gained my practical intercultural business experience, having worked in media industries for over 11 years. Being on top of the biggest projects happening internationally, production-wise, my role included acting as a cultural mediator between Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and English teams, bridging any possible gaps, identifying and resolving issues and problems and, ultimately, making projects happen.

I have worked with key decision-makers and business leaders across the world, so I have gained a significant amount of practical knowledge of business culture in a number of countries, and have built up a big portfolio of valuable and thought-provoking case studies.

If you are looking to do business in the UK or in Russia, and you need some cultural insights and help, do not hesitate to get in touch!

aksenovabusiness (at)



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